Energised homes provides sustainability services to help the transition toward zero carbon communities.

Note that Peter Reefman of Energised is currently engaged on a full time basis as Solar Projects Coordinator for Keppel Prince Engineering. While this is a very exciting development, Energised may be unavailable to provide our range of private sustainability services.

Latest Stats for 8 Aquarius Crt, Portland - 8 April 2012

Electricity Consumption & Production

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2012 Energy consumption for heating/cooling: $11.26

Average energy produced per day : 12.62kWh
Average energy imported from grid : 4.16kWh
Average energy exported to grid : 8.75kWh
Average total consumption per day : 8.03kWh
Average net consumption : -4.59kWh (average Victorian consumption is +16kWh)

Projected annual energy cost : $0 cost and $2,108 Cash payment

Temperature data
Temperature extremes outside house : 0c - 41.5c
Temperature range inside house : 19.3c Average minimum - 22.8c Average maximum

Water data
Average daily water use (four people) : 224.87 litres
(Average Victorian use is 640 litres)

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