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Keppel Prince Solar contracts now in circulation - 17/12/2010
In another step forward for the Portland Bulk Solar Project, Keppel Prince has now started to mail out their Terms & Conditions; and Acceptance Contracts.

If you've expressed an interest in the deal, and are listed within the first group of households, you'll be receiving yours very soon. If you're happy to go ahead with your system please send your acceptance form with your deposit to Keppel Prince as soon as possible.

All reasonable endeavours will occur to make sure everyone in the first group gets a chance to lock their system in. Anyone that does not want to take their offer will forgo their place and the system will be offered to the second group of interested people.

Thing really are shaping up for this to be an amazing project and opportunity, and all the best to everyone in the purchase group.


Powercor price drop - 17/12/2010
Hey great news! Powercor have just confirmed they're dropping their Solar power customer Smart metre changeover costs from $340 to $145! That's for SW Victoria anyway... not sure about other network areas.

That effectively drops the overall cost of going solar by about $200, and means small systems will pay themselves off about 6 months quicker.

Solar info session this Saturday - 8/12/2010
Peter Reefman will be presenting a what why who where when on solar electricty systems this Saturday the 11th of December from 10am till 12 Noon at the Portland Arts Centre (CEMA).

Mike Noske from Keppel Prince will also be present to answer questions relating to signups for the current round of solar installations.

Come along to hear and ask question about anything and everything solar related, from sizing the system, costs, benefits, rebates, etc.

Don't forget to bring your bills so Peter and Mike can show you exactly what the best system is for your house.

Download (and distribute) flyer

Sustainable Living Festival - 5/12/2010
Hey I'll be presenting alongside the Cape Paterson team at the Feb 16-23 2011 Sustainable Living Festival - "Sustainablity in the Edge" event at Melbournes's Federation Square.

Details aren't up on their site yet, but there will also be presentations by David Suzuki, Clive Hamilton, Christine Milne, and more - talking about different elements that it will take for the world to go zero emissions. We've got the job of giving the lowdown on Zero Carbon Housing.

So if you're in Melbourne on Sunday the 10th Feb, 2011 - call in to learn about what will hopefully be how all houses are going to be built in the future.

Sustainable Living Festival

Keppel Prince is Solar Bulk Purchase company - 30/11/2010
Local engineering company Keppel Prince Engineering has been voted as the contracting company for the Portland Solar Bulk Purchase project.

The solar bulk purchase now has over 150 participants, and KPE will be installing a maximum of 200 for this project, so if you'd like to be involved please send your expression of interest.
More info on the Portland Solar Project

Cape Paterson EcoVillage team meeting - 14/11/2010
The first team meeting of the Cape Paterson EcoVillage occured successfully on Friday the 12th of November, with many in the team meeting for the first time and all expressing enthusiasm for the project.

The assembeled team included
Brendan Condon, devloper of the Cape Paterson Ecovillage
Peter Reefman of Energised Homes
Chris Barnett of Smart Skin
Ashley Beaumont and Ian Hendry of Beaumont Concepts
Phillip Alviano of the Master Builders Association of Victoria
Damien Moyse of the Alternative Technology Association
Win Laing of Sustainability Victoria
Tony OConnell of TS Constructions
Peter Steele of Moreland Energy Foundation Limited

Representatives from the CSIRO were unable to attend, but are part of the working team.

Much of the team met at Australian Ecosystems nursury, before meeting up with the rest of the team onsite at Cape Paterson for a physical walk around the 40 hectare site and discussion of the zero carbon development.

After the site visit, the team moved to the offices of TS Consructions to hear a series of preseentations from Peter Reefman of Energised Homes, and Chris Barnett of Third Skin about the makeup of the development study to be used to address planning questions.

The team was enthusiastic about the potential of the development and agreed that the Cape Paterson EcoVillage was an exciting project that would be seen as a leader in the goal of transforming the way Australians live in a positive and far more environmentally way.

Portland Solar Bulk Purchase tenders coming in - 14/11/2010
The 2010-2011 round of solar electricity bulk purchases for the Portland region is progressing well, with a specifications document currently being worked on by a range of solar supply companies.

All tenders are required to be submitted by the close of business on the 16th of November, so we'll find out very soon the features and prices on offer to participants.

Cape Paterson Ecovillage team meeting and kickoff - 11/11/2010
Heading off today to meet the rest of the team that will be involved in building the Cape Paterson EcoVillage - Australia's first zero-carbon residential community.

Cape Paterson Ecovillage

Colac Solar Bulk Purchase Presentation - 3/11/2010
Portland-based sustainability consultant, builder and Convener of the Portland Sustainability Group, Peter Reefman, will come to Colac to help local people better understand the benefits of solar power.

The event will be held on 18 November 2010 in the Meeting rooms at COPACC, commencing at 8pm with a cost of $10 per person.

The event is being organised by local resident Virginia Wallace who wants to help people locally to understand more about solar power and its potential to help reduce both energy bills and consumption.

“Many people are interested in installing solar power however they come across conflicting pieces of information about the benefits of and the issues surrounding, solar technology,” Virginia said.

“The various offers are confusing. It’s also hard to work out how long the payback time will be and what are the advantages and disadvantages.

“That’s why this information evening is designed so that local independent expert Peter Reefman with no ties to any particular solar installation company can come and provide us with information about the benefits of, and issues with solar power.

“Things like how Solar Photovoltaic panels work, how long the payback period will be, and the advantages and disadvantages of Solar PV panels will be covered.

Media Release

Energised at the Bonney Upwelling - 2/11/2010
Portland's Bonney Upwelling Festival was run on the 30th of November, and Peter Reefman from Energised spent the day answering questions about solar energy inside the Pacific Hydro tent.

The response was fantastic with an estimated 20 people giving an expression of interest in being part of the Energised Homes, Portland Sustainability Group's Bulk Solar Deal.

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