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Energised Homes wins MBAV award - 27/06/2010
Energised Homes has won the Best Sustainable Energy House award at the Master Builders South West Regional Building Awards. The awards presentation took place at Skilled Stadium in Geelong on the 25th of June, and Peter Reefman was thrilled to accept the award in front of a packed audience of Master Builder members and others from the building industry.

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MBAV website

Energised Homes chosen as a Victorian Government Small Business Hero - 19/06/2010
Energised Homes has been chosen to be one of 18 "Small Business Heroes - The Designers" awardees as part of the Victorian Government "Energise Enterprise" Festival. The company will be featured in an exhibition at Federation Square in Melbourne during August.

We entered several months ago at the prompting of the MBAV for our work on zero carbon houses, and it's a real thrill and honour to be chosen as one of the featured small businesses.
Small Business Heroes Exhibition

Kempe sustainability meeting - 17/06/2010
Peter from Energised was involved in a meeting between Kempe Maintenance & Engineering and Edge Environment to discuss how Kempe could reduce it's operational impacts while identifying opportunities as the world transitions to a low carbon economy.

The full day workshop was facilitated by Tom Davies from Edge Environment and was a great chance to analyse and identify Kempe's strengths and weaknesses, and set some goals for the company to work towards and a clear path of how to achieve those goals.

The Portland Observer newspaper attended to conduct an interview and photo shoot, as what Kempe is doing is certainly of interest to the local community, and Energised is very happy to involved in the process of 'greening up' Kempe for an abundantly sustainable future.
Portland Observer report

8 Aquarius Crt - 2010 heating update - 17/06/2010
In a nutshell, the heater is finally being used - but so far the house is well on track to achieve it's goal of being thermally comfortable for less than $20 for the entire year.

The heater has been used twice so far, on the 13th and 16th of June, for a total of 3.3KWh, or 77 cents of electrical energy used.

We can expect to use the heater approximately every second-third night between now and October, at approximately 35 cents per night will total a approximately $18.

Master Builders Green Living Conference - 9/06/2010
Peter Reefman is a confirmed speaker in the inaugural Master Builders Green Living Conference on August 26th at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre. Can't wait!
Conference details

Winter in Portland and no heater needed at all for 8 Aquarius Crt - 7/06/2010
The first week of Winter has just finished with very pleasing temperature results for the 8 Aquarius Crt Zero Carbon House.

In short, the heater still hasn't been needed this year!

Portland is on the Southwest coast of Victoria, and while it isn't the warmest place to be during Winter, being by the sea means it doesn't get as cold as inland regions (it doens't snow here). The coldest temp in Portland so far this year has been 3.1c, and the lowest daytime maximum has been 12.6c.

Inside the house the lowest temp in a living area has been 18c which was a morning temp. The lowest daytime maximum has been 20c, which the average range this Winter so far has been 19-24.

By the way the last time the heater was used was October 17 2009, so no artificial heating or cooling has been needed for the last 233 days (and counting).

The 10in10 Challenge - 1/06/2010
If you are one of the many businesses, agencies, families and individuals who would like to make our world more sustainable by reducing our use of carbon fuels, then we challenge you to reduce your use of these fuels by at least a measurable 10% in the next year
The 10in10 Challenge

Energised Home in Cape Paterson Eco Village video - 27/05/2010
Video on the Cape Paterson Eco Village homepage includes quite a lot about the 8 Aquarius Crt house as a demonstration of carbon zero housing.

Thanks to Brendan Condon for the inclusion, and all the best with getting approval for this incredibly good housing development.
Cape Paterson Eco Village

Portland Sutainability Group Workshop - How to be green without being a greenie - 25/05/2010
Sometimes we can be overwhelmed by messages about the environment that are presented with shock and awe that can even make us feel blamed. These overwhelming messages can cause ecophobia; resulting in a freeze on all environmental activity but leaving us a little dry and unsatisfied.

This workshop is seeking to encourage ecophilia of liking our environment.

We will begin by checking out our own memories of relationship with the environment. This will be followed by developmental stages of change that include the magical, the eco-centric, the philosophical, and the maturing modulator. New ways of rotating our thoughts will be taught, eco-narratives will be explored, and practical behaviour change strategies will be provided.

It is expected that being green will be redefined to include pleasure, comfort, and health plus how to save money, face and the planet.

This workshop is being presented by psychologist Daryl Hobbs of the Portland Sustainability Group, and will take place at the Portland Library on Saturday the 29th May at 10.30am.
Full sized flyer

Peter Reefman to give zero carbon housing presentation - 14/05/2010
Peter Reefman of Energised Homes has accepted an invitation to be a feature presenter at the AGM of the Warrnambool Environmental Action Group.

Peter will be presenting "Mythbusting zero carbon housing estates" - with the myth being of course that they are not possible.

If you're in or near Warrnambool on the 19th of May come along. The meeting starts at 7.30pm and further details are available from Penny Forth of WEAG on (03) 5561 3105

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