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Note that Peter Reefman of Energised Homes is currently engaged on a temporary full time basis as Environmental Sustainbility Officer for the Glenelg Shire Council. While this is a very exciting development, Energised Homes may be unavailable to provide our range of private sustainability services, especially within the Glenelg Shire.

Energised Homes is a sustainability company that specialises in energy efficiency in Portland Victoria.

Energised is owned by Peter and Nicole Reefman, who are both very concerned about our planet's future environment and carrying capacity under the current "business as usual" rapid natural asset depletion model. But we're also excited about the possiblities of a much smarter and more resource efficient future.

Our expertise is sustainable healthy homes, and our goal is to do everything we can to contribute by promoting the concept of zero-carbon housing. We're committed to demonstrating the benefits of houses that can provide all of the energy and water that they require, and even run a surplus to share with others.

More than that, we're very serious about helping to prove to the public and the residential building industry that if done correctly, any extra upfront costs associated with materials and equipment needed for the building's self-reliance will be absolutely paid off in a very reasonable time.

We know from experience that this is possible. We know what is needed and we currently have the following services to help achieve homes like this.

  • We've built one of Australia's only 8 Star homes, which is open periodically for public inspections. Private group tours are available upon request.

  • We provide zero-carbon housing consultations for individuals and firms who want to learn to build houses with literally no operational impacts or energy costs.

  • We give workshops and presentations on a wide range of built-environment topics, such as effective and economical ways to retro-fit existing houses. These can be customised for a range of different audiences and purposes.

  • We're also passionate about helping individuals and the wider community to live a more environmentally sustainable and abundant life though our support of the Portland Sustainability Group.

Please take your time viewing this website to see what we've done and where we're going. This site is being developed to include far more information on zero-carbon housing. So please revisit to see new content and information as is added.

Thanks, and we hope your future is sustainably abundant.
Peter & Nicole Reefman


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Frame under construction
Southwest view16 Banksia Crt
Road view (south) of house.Arkell Crt
View from the street6 Laguna Crt
Backyard view of house6 Laguna Crt
Looking into main living area from the upstairs balcony through the 7.8m wide door272 Edgar St
Southwest view of houseOpen house
Peter giving a tour of the house during the Portland Sustainability Group open house day. About 30 people attended.Click photo to enlarge